Fox Valley Chinese Dance Group



FVCDG Introduction

Founded at the beginning of 2006, the Fox Valley Chinese Dance Group (FVCDG) is a not for profit arts organization that strives to promote traditional Chinese performing arts while nurturing innovations for a broad audiences across the Northeast Wisconsin.  FVCDG creates a focus for community pride and inspiration, bridges among local communities, and promotes knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of Chinese arts and culture. 


Dance Program for Food of All Nations


Name of Dance Description and Performers of Dance


Umbrella Dance: Beautiful Lake Tai(太湖美)

Beaustiful Lake Tai (Tai Hu Mei) is a Chinese folk song and anthem for the city of Wu Xi, containing a splendid melody and lovely lyrics. It speaks of the flourishing fish swirling in the lake, the peacefully flowing sails atop the endless jasper, the silver water’s reflection from the sun, and the joys of life shown through leisurely gesture. The umbrella is one of the commonly used props for traditional Chinese dancing. From the spinning technique and the precision in placement to the imitation of microwaves and ripples in the lake, it is a symbol of grace. When these two elements join together, they are able to portray beauty and elegance in perfect harmony.

Performers:  Cindy Kong (孔星), Aihua Sun (孙爱华), Ping Tan (谭萍), Lian Wang (王莲), Lucy Wang (王珍), Jenny Zhao (赵金华)

Chreographed by Jing Pan


Handkerchief Dance:  Spicy Girl(辣妹子)

Spicy Girl (La Mei Zi) is a dance specific to the Sichuan Province.  It is about a girl who likes to eat very spicy food.  When she goes out she usually brings her own peppers in case there is nothing this hot available.  The pepper makes her sweat and her sweat is hot.  The pepper makes her eyes tear and her tears are hot.  The pepper makes her sing and her song is hot.

Performers: Monica LaFaive

Chreographed by Jane Chen


Fan Dance: Unforgettable Eve (难忘今宵)

Fan is one of the most commonly used props in Chinese cultural dance. The beautiful costume, distinct movements of silk fans, and well designed choreography express beauty, love and the celebrating spirit.  In this dance named ''Unforgettable Eve", through cursive movement, fan patterns, and postures, 10 lady dancers exquisitely describe a festival night when people celebrate the holiday and enjoy the memorable time.

Performers:   Jianhua Chen (陈建华), Lirong Ding (丁利蓉), Yanfang Dou (窦燕方), Cindy Kong (孔星), Aihua Sun (孙爱华), Ping Tan (谭萍), Lian Wang (王莲), Lucy Wang (王珍), Gloria Yu (朱永芳), Jenny Zhao (赵金华)

Chreographed by Jing Pan